How to Optimize Your FGP Profile

At Free Guest Post, the relationship between writers and publishers needs to be built on trust. With Google becoming stricter with their guest posting rules, publishers need to be able to trust that the guest post article they are posting to their own blog will not be penalized by Google. Although Free Guest Post eliminates most of the worries a publisher might have, there is still some inherent risk in any guest posting situation.

The best way to earn that trust is to build up your reputation as a writer. Start on Free Guest Post by completing and optimizing your profile. Here are a few tips on how to create a trustworthy profile.

The Profile Picture

The biggest turnoff from any online profile is not having a picture of a real person. Think about online dating – would you even bother with a person who doesn’t have a picture? Free Guest Post is the same way. Your profile picture should be a clear, professional looking headshot. Don’t use pictures of pets, children, or anything else that isn’t your entire face. Keep it somewhat professional: you don’t have to wear a suit and tie, but you shouldn’t be doing anything inappropriate in the picture either. Remember that this picture will be published along with any articles you write on a publisher’s website.

Social Media

It is not necessary to include social media profiles, but it is recommended to share at least one. Doing so will allow publishers to do some more research on you. They may need to determine whether or not you are an expert with a certain topic.

Here at Free Guest Post, we understand that many Internet users value their online privacy. However, we also highly recommend setting up a Google+ account and sharing it on your profile. Google+ isn’t as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but it has the added option of setting up a Google Authorship account and AuthorRank. Claiming Google Authorship gives your posts more visibility. AuthorRank connects all of the articles you’ve ever written, giving them more opportunities for traffic as well. And, above all, Authorship and AuthorRank gives you more credence to Google, improving the SEO of your articles and any website that they are published on.

Writing About Yourself

The “About Me” section shows up on your profile. The “Author Bio” section will be automatically published with any article that is posted by a publisher. Feel free to use the “About Me” space to talk about yourself in a broad, casual sense. No pressure.

The “Author Bio” section should be professional and succinct. Try to make it no longer than 3-4 sentences. You’ll want to include a very brief description of your qualifications (such as “animal enthusiast” or “graduate of blank college with blank major”). Most people use this space to incorporate one of their backlinks.

Both sections are how a publisher gets to know you. Don’t be afraid to brag about your accomplishments, but also introduce some of your unique personality.

“Writes About”

This section is really just a simple list, but don’t neglect it! It’s really all about self-confidence – what do you think you’re qualified to write about? A publisher wants a writer who believes that they can do a topic justice. So if you don’t include the topic in your “writes about” list, why will they want to post an article by you on that topic?

… The End?

If you’re a blogger, you already know that the “About Me” section of your blog is vital. Think of your writer’s profile on Free Guest Post the exact same way: it introduces you to publishers and readers, giving them a taste of the exciting things you have to offer in your article. Good luck!

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