OCT FGP Tutorial: Fulfilling a Publisher Request

Hey everyone! We know that submitting articles to Free Guest Post as a writer for the first time can be kind of confusing, so we’re here to help you out!

There are three ways to submit a blog post. The first way is to fulfill a request by a publisher. You’ll find these requests under “Articles Requested by Publisher.”




Hover over the spot where it says “hover here” to read more information about what the publisher wants in the article he or she is requesting. Some might request a word count or specific angle. Be careful of publishers that don’t have any specifications at all. For example, in the video below, it shows that many of the requests do not have any details of what they would like in the requested post.

Websites that don’t offer clear direction are often link farms, a “black hat” SEO method that will get the culprit website(s) on Google’s bad side. However, some publishers are very clear about what they want in the article title or their website. The publisher requesting an article entitled “Online Casinos” has a website dedicated to casinos. Even though he or she does not offer detailed instructions for the post, you can see that his or her site does have direction.

Before fulfilling a request, you are encouraged to do some research on the publisher. Visit his or her website. If the website seems spammy, avoid it. Google will penalize your backlink if it is published on a website that it already views negatively.

Once you decide to fulfill a request, click “Fulfill Request.” This will take you to a page that looks like this:





Although there is space for you to write your post, we recommend first creating your article on a word processor, then copying and pasting it into the above text box. There is space for you to change the format of the post, add in hyperlinks, and insert pictures directly from Flickr.

When Writing a Post

  • Even if the publisher hasn’t specified a word count, you should write at least 300 words. 500 words would be even better.
  • Write unique, quality content.
  • If you are including a few keywords, do not saturate your article. Only use your keywords twice in the content, once in the title if the title hasn’t been provided already by the publisher.
  • If you are including hyperlinks, use those sparingly as well. The best place to include a backlink is in your bio. 2-3 hyperlinks are appropriate in the bulk of your post.
  • The title of the post can be tweaked, but please only alter it if the publisher hasn’t provided a proper one. For instance “Online Casinos” can be tweaked, but “The Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water” is fine the way it is.
  • You can add tags to your post, but please don’t delete the ones that the publisher already added. Posts should have at least 2-3 tags, so feel free to add your own.
  • Always include your bio!

After Submitting Your Post

Once you’ve fulfilled the request, press the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. The publisher will be notified, and will have five days to read over your article and publish it. This is what the publisher sees in his or her WordPress account:





If the publisher declines to publish your article for whatever reason, it will go into the public pool of articles where any publisher can read it and request it.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Free Guest Post is still in Beta mode, so we’re still working out a few kinks. If you’re having any technical issues or would like to send us a comment, please check out the “Feedback” section in the top right hand corner of your webpage.

If you have any questions specifically about this blog post, go head and ask in the comments below!

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