Boost Your Traffic with Current Events and Pop Culture

All bloggers, even niche and business bloggers, need to be aware of current events. Writing a post about pop culture or what’s happening in the news is a great way to gain more readers. Posts containing current events are more likely to be shared by your current readers on social media websites, but are also more likely to be found organically.

Take Miley Cyrus’s performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards. It’s been talked about to death. Even though there was “some situation” going on with Syria, all the news sources had multiple articles about how scandalous Miley was.

On top of that, I read at least 15 different blog posts about it. Everyone had an opinion, including bloggers. My Facebook friends would share blog posts they agreed or disagreed with, causing me to visit the page and join the conversation. These bloggers experienced huge spikes in traffic because they jumped on the bandwagon.

Finding Current Events

The best way to learn about current events is to be aware and engaged in the world around you. Hopefully you’re already using your social media presence to converse with your fans. You should also try a few of these methods for staying-up-to-date.

  • Take a look at Google Trends every once in a while and find out what users are Googling the most. There’s also an app called Google Currents that will give you articles relevant to what’s happening now.
  • Monitor trending topics on Twitter. Also use Pinterest and Facebook to keep up with what people are interested in.
  • Read news sites, like the New York Times.
  • Check out Buzzfeed for information on what’s popular on the Internet currently. This is a great source for pop culture.
  • is one of my favorite websites for finding out what’s new with Internet trends, social media, and technology. It also has a few serious news pieces and human interest pieces.
  • Read your competition every once in a while. They may have news that is relevant to your niche.

There are many great apps and websites that can help you become more aware of current events and pop culture (one of my favorites is Find one that’s best for you, and let the popular stories serve as inspiration for a blog post!