FGP Tutorial: Submitting An Article Without a Publisher Request

Hey everyone! So a couple weeks ago we created a tutorial helping you through the process offulfilling a publisher request. This time, we’re going to talk about how a writer can submit an article to FreeGuestPost.com without fulfilling a request.

We recommend that you first write your article in a word processor, then copy and paste it.

Now that it’s written, log in to your account on Free Guest Post. You should be directed to your dashboard, which will look like this:



Click on “New Article.” It will take you here:



Copy and paste your text into the box marked “Article Content.”

You can add images from Flickr using this button: FreeGuestPost.com

Add backlinks using this button: FreeGuestPost.com

And add pictures using a URL or uploaded from your computer with this button: FreeGuestPost.com

Make sure to fill out the “Article Tags” section and select a “General Topic Category.” This will make it much easier for publishers to find your article.

The bottom of your current webpage looks like this:



Be sure to include a biography with your article. We recommend placing your backlink within your bio.

Underneath the “Biography” is a section called “Approval Required.” This allows you to be choosey about which publisher will use your article. If you select “no,” this means any publisher can grab your article and publish it to their website without first contacting you. Your published article will show up under “Articles” à “My Published Articles.” If you select “yes,” a publisher will have to request your permission to post your article.

We recommend that you do require your approval before a publisher can post your work. Under Google’s current algorithm, if your article is published on a website that Google penalizes, anything you write will have less merit to Google. That means that all of your articles will go down in SEO value.

Instead, do some research on any publisher that requests your articles. Make sure that their general site content is relevant to what you have written. Sites that look like link farms should be avoided.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to ask in the comments below. Feedback is also appreciated, and can be given by pressing the “Feedback” button at the top of Free Guest Post’s website.

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