FGP Update: Copyscape will prevent plagiarism, build trust between writers and publishers

You may have noticed a few changes in Free Guest Post now that we’ve come out of beta mode. The biggest change is the implementation of Copyscape software into our usual guest posting system. Copyscape is a service that website owners can use to protect their content from being re-published on another website. Free Guest Post is using it to prevent writers from offering duplicate content to unsuspecting publishers.

What this means for writers:

Writers, submit your content as you normally do. With the update, your article will now be automatically scanned by Copyscape before it is allowed into the general pool of articles that publishers can pick from. If any of your content is copied from another source, the system will now keep the article in draft status until enough changes are made to the text to pass Copyscape and be marked “Certified Original.”

Although writers may feel they are under added scrutiny, having a guarantee that their work is not plagiarism is a benefit to them as well as publishers. Publishers can now trust all the articles available for publication, including yours, increasing the chances for each to get published. Your content will have greater circulation, a bonus for any writer trying to build up a portfolio of online articles or publicize their website using backlinks.

What this means for publishers:

Publishing duplicate content adds no value to your website, whereas publishing original, quality content can help boost your SEO and bring traffic to your website. Publishing plagiarized content can, however, hurt your reputation and destroy relationships you’ve created with other bloggers and writers.

Now using Free Guest Post to find guest articles is completely safe, thanks to Copyscape. You never have to entertain the possibility of accidentally publishing duplicate content. Free Guest Post can guarantee that none of the articles offered by writers contain plagiarism. Your website will continue to be a place where readers can find original, quality content created by guest posters.

For more information on guest posting without incurring Google’s wrath, visit our blog post “How to Guest Post Without Pissing Off Google.”

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