October Instagram Challenge

Hey everyone! We’ve come up with a fun Instagram challenge you can do for the month of October. Here are some of the benefits of participating in an Instagram challenge:

  • It could provide inspiration for a blog post.
  • Joining in on a popular hashtag (#halloween has over 9 million pictures on it; #octoberchallenge has over 60,000; #octoberchallenge2013 has over 1,000) can expose your images to a broader audience.
  • It is recommended that bloggers use their own pictures in their posts – this Instagram challenge could grow your stock photo base.
  • It’s become crucial to have images dispersed throughout your blog post. Not only does it break up the text for the reader, but it allows your audience to better share posts on social media (Pinterest needs an image in order to share).

And lastly … it’s fun!

You can follow FreeGuestPost on Instagram! Make sure to tag @FreeGuestPost on your October Challenge pictures!

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