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How I Make My Blogging Goals S.M.A.R.T.

As a blogger, I sometimes have difficulty coming up with meaningful goals to set for myself. I do my best on a daily basis to write interesting and readable blog posts; I try to be organized and complete assignments on time; and I am constantly reading about social media and blogging practices. So what else […]

8 Little-Known Factors That Are Turning Visitors Away from Your Blog

We’ve all been on obnoxious websites that make us want to scream. Pop-ups, auto-playing songs or videos, illegible font colors, and constant flashing advertisements make us wonder how websites like that even attract visitors. We may never know a specific answer to that question, but we do know they aren’t attracting as much traffic as […]

How to Start an Email Newsletter for Your Blog

Bloggers who have established themselves and are looking to create more engagement with a loyal fanbase should consider creating an email newsletter. An email newsletter for your blog is an effective email marketing campaign that keeps traffic coming back, as well as encourages them to engage with your blog. Bloggers who have used email newsletters […]

Here’s 12 Quick Ways to Lower Your Blog’s Bounce Rate

For personal blogs, the objective of your website is to gain more pageviews, as more pageviews lead to more income. For business blogs, the objective of the blogging side of the website is to draw customers in with the hopes that they will travel to other pages and eventually make a purchase. In both cases, […]

What To Do When Someone Plagiarizes Your Content in 3 Easy Steps

A few months ago, I wrote about plagiarism in the blogging world. I concentrated on how bloggers can properly attribute sources so that they aren’t accidentally plagiarizing, as well as what constitutes plagiarism. I also discussed the consequences of plagiarism: it can ruin your reputation as a valuable website; it can burn bridges with other […]

10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Increasing Social Media Engagement

Gaining online traffic to your blog is simple to do with social media. But after you’ve started your social media accounts and gathered an initial following, you may feel that your engagement is stalling. With these WordPress plugins for social media, you can design a painless process of sharing online while also encouraging your audience […]

10 Unique Blog Post Ideas for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again! And bloggers are taking advantage of the holidays to help grow their blog. Your audience is suddenly much more interested in Christmas crafts and winter recipes, and they have a lot more downtime during vacations to read your blog. Try some of these blog post ideas to help you […]