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9 Places to Find Inspiration for Blog Posts

Every writer has experienced writer’s block. For bloggers, you have the constant pressure to come up with fresh content, often with the added stress of your audience having access to all of your writing history on one website. It’s especially difficult for business or niche bloggers to find a new topic or angle, because their […]

Finding the Perfect Keywords to Optimize Your Blog

The most important part of optimizing your blog for the search engines is deciding on the right keywords. Good search engine optimization requires a set plan, and picking specific keywords for your blog as a whole and for individual blog posts will give you direction as you try to promote yourself. So what is a […]

10 WordPress Plugins to Make Your SEO a Slam Dunk

One of the biggest benefits of using WordPress as your CMS is the plethora of plugins available to optimize your blogging experience. Plugins can help add cool new features to your blog, simplify SEO, and make blogging easier for you. Unfortunately, the large amount of plugins available also means that many of them will turn […]

Why Bloggers Need Google+

It’s no secret that Google+ lags behind Facebook in popularity. As a blogger, you know that you will have more success gaining followers on Facebook than Google+. However, many don’t know that Google+ can drastically help your SEO. It makes sense – Google runs Google+, so it gives more SEO weight to that social network […]

Five Tips for More Effective Blogger Outreach

Whether your blog is for commercial or personal purposes, business or pleasure, outreach to other bloggers is essential for building your readership and making lasting connections within the industry. Guest blogging can be a challenging and rewarding way to reach new readers and maintain relationships with like-minded individuals. These five tips will help lead you […]

8 Tips to Help Bloggers Get Started on Pinterest

Mashable.com recently reported that the social media website Pinterest brought more traffic to publishers than Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Google+ combined. In fact, the only social network to beat Pinterest’s success rate is Facebook. This holds true for bloggers, some of whom report that Pinterest is often one of their biggest sources of reader traffic. […]

Expand Your Blog Reach with Twitter

Twitter can be a great social media platform for helping bloggers expand their reach. With the use of hashtags, huge audiences from your industry or niche can be found easily. You can also grow your blog following by having your current readers share your posts through Twitter, or retweet your tweets. Here are a few […]

Courtship and Content Marketing: How to Measure Your Success

Marketing is simply another form of courtship. As marketers, we court our prospects with the hopes of winning them over with our charm and beginning a lasting, mutually profitable relationship. You see, in this analogy, we’re not dealing with a one-sided, dysfunctional romance, but a win-win situation for both parties. Continuing the analogy, traditional marketers […]

SEO Isn’t Dead and Here’s Why

What follows the headline “SEO is dead!”? Usually a click, and that’s why people use that claim in their article headlines. They know they’ll get clicks by scaring people. When you see such a loaded claim, the obvious, knee-jerk response is to say, “There’s no way! Without SEO, what will I do now to make […]